File Manager Overview (Beta)

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10 months ago

The File Manager allows you to upload and organize your project files into folders in one single place, where all project team members can access the most up-to-date information.

This article provides an overview of the interface and features of Newforma Konekt File Manager.

Interface overview

You can access the Newforma Konekt File Manager from the Project menu by clicking Files.


The interface is divided into two parts:

The folder tree on the left displays all the folders and data sources in the form of a tree structure. Clicking the arrow expands or collapses folders.

The file list on the right allows you to sort, rename, move, download, delete, and share files. You can share multiple files at once by selecting them and clicking the icon at the top of the list.

File Manager features role matrix

The table below provides a comparative list of feature available to each project role.

File Manager feature role matrix
Feature Creator Admin Editor Reader Reviewer Anonymous
Access the file manager    
View and download files and folders    
Add and manage data sources      
Upload new files and add versions of existing files      
Create new folders      
Rename, move, and delete files and folders      
Share files and folders with external team members via email      
Download files and folders via link

For more information on the File Manager, see the other articles in this section.

You can also connect to Microsoft SharePoint and Autodesk Docs to access all your files in one place (see About Data Sources).