Upload Files to the File Manager (Beta)

1 minute
9 months ago

Use the File Manager to upload new files or add versions of existing files. You can also sort, move, rename, download, delete files, and share file (see Manage Files).

  1. In Newforma Konekt, open the desired project.
  2. In the main menu, under Project menu, select Files.
  3. Click Upload in the top-right corner of the page.
  4. Click Browse to navigate to the file on your computer that you want to upload and select it for upload. To select multiple files at once, hold Shift or Ctrl. You can also drag and drop the files that you want to upload.
  5. If a file with the same name is found, you have the option of uploading the file as a new version of the existing file or as a new file.
  6. Click Upload.

Once your file is uploaded, you can move it in an existing folder (see Create and Manage Folders).