Newforma Konekt Mobile: Features Overview

2 minutes
8 months ago

The Newforma Konekt mobile app allows construction workers out in the field and other team members to create, add comments, and resolve issues from their mobile device. It can also be used to log, edit, collaborate on, and manage RFIs and submittals.

The app is available on iOS and Android.

This article provides an overview of the features available in the mobile app. If you’re new to Newforma Konekt Mobile, we recommend you read our Getting Started tutorial.

Features Online Offline
Access project dashboard
Create an issue
Save an issue as draft
Edit an issue
Manage viewpoints  
Add comments
Mention a user or team in a comment
Add a viewpoint from a comment
Add attachments
Archive active issues  
Delete unsynced issues  
Remove issues available offline
Delete draft issues
Enable cellular data usage
Sync issues created in offline mode  
Download issues for offline viewing  
Log an RFI  
Edit an RFI  
Manage the RFI workflow  
Log a submittal  
Edit a submittal  
Manage the submittal workflow  
Get in-app notifications  
Enable dark mode  

If you need to do something that isn’t available in the mobile app, you can access the Newforma Konekt web platform in a mobile browser.

  • iOS 13.4+, Android 8.1+
  • Recommended devices: Iphone 10 and up, Ipad 8th gen and up, Samsung Tab A and S7, Samsung S10 and up, Google Pixel 5 and up

Technical support

If you encounter any problems while using the mobile app, at the bottom of your screen, click the user profile icon and then select Help > Live chat to contact our support team