Newforma Konekt Mobile: Getting Started Tutorial

3 minutes
9 months ago

Newforma Konekt Mobile is a companion app for the Newforma Konekt web-based platform, and is designed for, and adapted to, the challenges of fieldwork.

With Newforma Konekt Mobile, your office and on-site teams can share critical information and manage tasks.  They can also assign and monitor issues, RFIs, and submittals using its intuitive interface.

This tutorial teaches anyone from site supervisors to tradespeople how to download and start using the Newforma Konekt mobile app.

What you’ll need

  • A Newforma Konekt account (see Create an Account).
  • Access to a hub, and a project inside of that hub.

Step 1 – Download the app

Newforma Konekt Mobile is available for iOS or Android, and you can download it free on the App Store or the Google Play Store on your mobile device. After you download and launch the mobile application, you may log in using your existing account.

Step 2 – Retrieve and edit issues

When you open a project on the mobile app, you’ll land on the dashboard where you can select quick filters to find issues more easily. All of your project’s issues are available to you on your mobile device.

For more information, see Issue Management on Mobile.

Step 3 – Create issues

With Newforma Konekt Mobile, you also have the ability to create issues. There are two options available to you:

  • Create an issue from a picture by using your device’s built-in camera. You can also attach a picture – or any file type – to an issue.
  • Create an issue using speech-to-text without having to type it out on your phone’s keyboard.

And because Newforma Konekt Mobile is software that is built for field conditions, it has offline functionality so that your on-site teams can keep track of their tasks, and update your project as they return to normal cell or wifi covered areas (see Sync and Download Issues).

Step 4 – Log RFIs and submittals

Submittals and RFIs can be logged and responded to while online. To access RFIs and submittals from the navigation menu, tap the hamburger icon in the menu and pin them.

For more information, see RFI & Submittal Management on Mobile.

Congratulations! You now know how to get started with the mobile app. Make sure you keep the app up-to-date to benefits from all newest features.

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