Newforma Konekt Mobile Viewer Overview (Beta)

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1 month ago

Newforma Konekt Mobile Viewer allows you to display and navigate PDF sheets on the mobile app on tablets and mobile phones. This feature allows users to access the latest versions of the 2D plans on the go, on the job site.

This article provides an overview of the interface and features of Newforma Konekt Mobile Viewer.

Interface overview

You can access the Viewer by clicking Viewer from the hamburger menu, and then clicking Open files to open the file list. The files and folders available to you in the Web Viewer will be visible.

The interface is divided into two parts:

  • Right-side panel – A panel on the right side of the interface, which allows you to open your files. You can click on the arrow to expand the folder to see its contents, and then click on the toggle button to display a file.
  • Viewing area – The left part of the interface, which displays all selected files. Currently, you can zoom and pan on the sheet to find what you are looking for.

Available features

The following table summarizes the features currently available in the mobile viewer. Please note that an Internet connection is required to use the mobile viewer.

View 2D sheets (previously uploaded on the Konekt platform)✔ (Landscape)✔ (Portrait and landscape)
Search sheets
Zoom on a sheet by pinching
Pan using 2 fingers
View 3D modelsComing soonComing soon
Filter and sort filesComing soonComing soon
View and create issuesPlanned for 2024Planned for 2024