Newforma Konekt for Revit: Integrated Features Overview

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11 months ago

Newforma Konekt’s add-in for Revit allows you to create issues on the fly in Revit during design review and/or coordination meetings with Newforma Konekt.

Get started with Newforma Konekt for Revit by downloading the add-in from the Integrations page of Newforma Konekt’s website or web platform.

This article lists some of the Newforma Konekt features integrated in Revit. Click the appropriate feature name to access its associated documentation.

Make sure you are using shared coordinates from Revit before creating issues and exporting NWC or IFC files.

If you are retrieving perspective view issues that were published from Navisworks in Revit, see Retrieving Newforma Konekt Perspective View Issues in Revit.

Technical support

If you have any issues getting started, feel free to reach out to our technical support team.