Archive an Issue – Add-ins

1 minute
12 months ago

Archiving an issue can be done when you no longer wish to see that specific issue within your project. Once archived, the issue can be restored or permanently deleted from the web platform.

You must be a project creator or a project administrator to archive an issue. If you need the ability to archive issues, you can ask your project creator/administrator to modify your user rights.

Within Newforma Konekt’s add-ins, such as Revit in this example, you can archive an issue an follows:

  1. In your software, open the desired model.
  2. In the ribbon, click Newforma Konekt tab > Open Newforma Konekt.
  3. In the Newforma Konekt panel, enter your credentials and click Login.
  4. Select a hub and a project.
  5. In the issue list, find the issue you want to archive and click the three dots icon in the top right corner, then select the Archive option from the drop down.
  6. In the Archive Issue Confirmation dialog, click Yes.

There is no option to archive multiple issues from the add-ins. To archive multiple issues, use the web platform (see Archive Issues).