Newforma Konekt Data Analytics as a Service: Features Overview

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11 months ago

Our data analytics solution is only available as part of the Newforma Konekt Enterprise subscription package (see Newforma Konekt Packages).

Newforma Konekt’s Data Analytics as a Service (DaaS) enables your team to visualize project coordination metrics and turn your data into actionable items with Microsoft Power BI. We have a turnkey solution that includes the implementation of a dashboard template, as well as a tailor-made solution for further customization and KPI coaching.

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This article lists some of the features available in our two solutions. For more information, see BIM coordination analytics.

  • Choose the region your Newforma Konekt data is hosted in (Canada, United States, Europe).
  • Stay up to date with fully automated updates every 24 hours.
  • Share your dashboard with all stakeholders so everyone can monitor the same metrics.
  • Customize the dashboard to your needs, or benefit from the expertise of our BIM and BI experts (tailor-made solution).

Technical support

If you have any issues getting started, feel free to reach out to our technical support team.