Connect Newforma Konekt with Solibri (v9.9)

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Solibri BCF Connector is an extension for Solibri Model Checker which allows you to connect to Newforma Konekt and synchronize your issues. From Solibri, access the BCF Connector to connect to the Newforma Konekt BCF server to convert your Solibri presentations to Newforma Konekt issues, and vice-versa.


  • To use the Solibri BCF Connector, you need to have Solibri Office, Solibri Site, Solibri Anywhere or Solibri Model Checker 9.9 or later installed.
  • If you are using Solibri Model Checker, download the latest version of the BCF Connector from the Solibri Solution Center. If the BCF Connector is not visible in the Solibri Solution Center, contact your Solibri administrator. Once installed, the BCF Connector will be displayed in the Solution Center tab from the File menu.
  • Solibri Anywhere, Site and Office all offer the BCF connector integrated, removing the requirement to download it from the Solution Center. 

Connect Newforma Konekt with Solibri

  1. In the File menu, select Settings and click BCF Connector….
  2. In the BCF Connector window, click Add Server… to find and select Newforma Konekt in the server dropdown. This will update the server name and URL fields.
  3. In the URL field, change the server address based on which region your hub is hosted. You can access the exact URL to use for a project from the Newforma Konekt web platform Integrations page.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Back in the BCF Connector window, click the Newforma Konekt server. This will open a new browser tab to authenticate Newforma Konekt. It is a one-time process for Solibri to find the project.
  6. When the connection has been established, a confirmation dialog opens. Click OK.
  7. All the projects are now displayed. You can set a project as a default project by selecting the project and clicking Set as Default Project. When synchronizing issues, all presentations will be updated into this project.
  8. Click OK.

In case you need to disconnect from the server, click Sign Off…. You can also select the server and click Remove Server to remove it from the list.

Troubleshooting a failed connection

If you are having trouble connecting to Newforma Konekt in Solibri, you may see an error message telling you to check that your input values are correct.

This issue can be resolved by either removing and re-adding the server or reinstalling Solibri entirely.

  1. Before reinstalling, delete the server completely from the BCF Connector window.
  2. Then, navigate to the following location on your computer and delete the “StoredCredentials” file. This file contains the authentication token with the BCF server. C:\Users\Your_user_name\.solibri\bcf”
  3. Once this file has been deleted, you can go ahead and try to add the Newforma Konekt BCF server again. Make sure that you go through the “Authenticate” steps since you just deleted the authentication file.

If the issue persists, check if you have any pending update available for the BCF connector. This can be verified by clicking the File menu > Solution Center tab.

Should the issue persist, it may be necessary to reinstall Solibri. 

Next step

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