Best Practices for Monitoring Issue Resolution Progress

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1 year ago

We recently released a data analytics solution that allows you to consume your project data inside Power BI. For more information, please contact us by filling out this form.

Newforma Konekt gives you access to sophisticated data analytics tools and easy-to-understand graphics to make better decisions.

In this article, you’ll learn best practices for monitoring issue resolution progress within a project. Use the links below to access the different sections of the article.

If you’re a visual learner, you can watch our Mastering Metrics & Reports webinar to see how your users are performing, monitor problematic areas, quantify types of issues, and learn how to produce useful reports that make everyone’s life easier.

Project Dashboard

Newforma Konekt’s Project Dashboard allows you get a quick overview of on-time and past due issues. When you open a project, you will land on the dashboard with two donut charts in the bottom right corner that shows how many active issues are overdue and how many are on time. You can drill down to those issues by clicking on the section in which you are interested. Click on the overdue issues section to determine if your deadlines will be met.


Newforma Konekt also offers a lot of metadata per issue. Use this metadata to check the status of a project’s health in the metrics.

As a project manager, if you know what information you want to extract from the metrics, we recommend that you identify the corresponding attributes as mandatory in the project settings. This will allow you to check whether the project is going well.


Another way to measure coordination progress is with reports. Create customized BIM coordination reports based on multiple issue attribute fields so you are only looking at relevant information, in the order you need. Reports can be generated manually (‘printed‘), or scheduled to run and get sent out automatically to speed up preparation for coordination meetings.

You can also create shared report templates, and have the required people set up scheduled reports so that you can all have the same, accurate, and automatic data at the same time.

You now know a little more about Newforma Konekt’s metrics and reporting features. For more information, check out the other articles in the Metrics & Reports section.