Create a Report Template

2 minutes
11 months ago

Report templates can be used to easily and quickly generate reports. It is possible to create personal templates that will only be visible by you, or shared templates for all project users to access.

Project coordinators can create unlimited templates for different types of routine reporting. Create templates for coordination meetings, meetings with owners, and more.

  1. In Newforma Konekt, open the desired project.
  2. In the main menu, under Project menu, select Reports.
  3. On the Reports page, specify what you want to include in your template (see Reports Overview).
    Once you have created your template, it will not be possible to edit it. However, you will be able to open it and edit its settings to create a new one.
  4. Once you’re done, click Template at the top of the filters.
  5. In the panel that opens, in the New Template section, enter a name for your template (e.g. Coodination Meeting Report).
  6. You can use the options to set your template as the default template or to share it with your team.
  7. When you are satisfied, click on +. Your template will be available the next time you want to generate a report.

After creating your template, you can email your report to your team members at predefined intervals (see Schedule Reports).

If for any reason you want to delete your template, in the panel, click the bin icon next to it. You can also change its name by clicking on pencil icon.