Define Newforma Konekt Settings for Revit

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11 months ago

This article describes the different options that you can define in the Newforma Konekt – Revit settings dialog.

To access the settings, in the Revit ribbon, click the Newforma Konekt tab > Settings. Once you have defined the settings, click Save.


The Navigation tab lets you change the behavior of the View in model feature. It contains the following options:

Option Description
Display clash pinpoint All the issues created with the Clashes to Issues command will expose their clash pinpoints.
Do nothing Conserves the default settings.
Show /Hide saved elements Commonly used when retrieving issues that were created either from the Create Issue or from the Views to Issues command.
Isolate elements Commonly used when retrieving issues that were created from the Clashes to Issues command with the Clash Detective.
Force section box around related elements Places a section a box around selected elements. The section box will always automatically be turned on when there are saved elements in the issue.
Force orthographic view if there is a section box or related elements Helps when the original view was in perspective, allowing you to always open the issue in orthographic whenever there are elements saved or a section box was active when the issue was published.
Force a zoom to related elements Changes the view position to fit the extents of the elements previously saved in the issue and found in the current model thus ensuring that they are displayed on the screen.


The Display tab contains an option to save the view state with the viewpoint.

Option Description
Save view state with viewpoint Determines whether hidden elements and section boxes / clipping planes are kept when creating or updating a viewpoint.


The Collaboration tab allows you to exclude spheres from Revit models.

Option Description
Exclude spheres from Revit models

It is recommended to allow Newforma Konekt to exclude the spheres from the model before it is saved or synchronized with a central model. It does not affect the spheres on the displayed model.

All users are required to enable this option in order to prevent sphere duplication.