File Emails From Outlook to Newforma Konekt

3 minutes
8 months ago

When an email is opened the Newforma Konekt add-in can be opened and allows the filing of the current email, or others from the current folder.

You can change the selected folder, in Outlook, and search the emails to filter the list of emails displayed in the add-in. You can then file any of the resulting emails to the add-in.

It is currently a limitation of the add-in framework that it is only accessible on a single email, you cannot select multiple in your inbox and act on them.

In this article, you’ll learn how to file emails to a Newforma Konekt project. Use the links below to access the different sections of the article.

File an email to Newforma Konekt

Perform the following steps to file emails to a Newforma Konekt project. You can also file an email as an RFI, a submittal, or an issue. Multiple issues can be logged from the same email.

  1. Launch the Newforma Konekt add-in.
  2. Select the hub and the project you want to file emails to. After the first use, the hub will always default to the previously selected hub. The projects field also suggests a set of suggested projects.
  3. Find the emails you want to file to the selected project.
    You can search by subject, sender, or keyword to find your emails more easily.
  4. Select the emails and click File Emails at the bottom of the add-in. Filed emails display a tag to indicate to all recipients they have been filed by Newforma Konekt. This applies only to users who’ve previously logged into the Outlook add-in. The project email address can be populated in the Cc field, allowing this email and all future emails in the thread will be filed.

Send and file an email to Newforma Konekt

While composing an email, you can click the Newforma Konekt add-in icon and select the project you want to file to. The add-in and email message will show that the email is marked to be filed into the selected project once it is sent.

When selecting a project to send and file to, the system starts to make calls to Newforma Konekt to file the email in the background. If the email is saved as a draft or not sent the system can time out. In these cases, the email message will not be filed, even after it has been sent – you will need to file it manually through the add-in.

The send and file feature is not available on mobile through the Outlook Mobile client. This is a Microsoft limitation.

Supported file formats

The following is a list of file formats that we can index for the purpose of searching the file contents of email attachments.

Only support files up to 100MB. Unsupported files will have only their names indexed.

  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • PDF
  • Zip
    We support only the top level of files in a zip file, name only, not the contents of those files.
  • DWG
  • DGN
  • DWF
  • TXT
  • MSG
  • EML