May 2, 2022 Release (v1.82)

2 minutes
1 year ago

This release includes several improvements to the hub creation page and the projects page.

To download version 1.82 of the Newforma Konekt add-ins, go to the App Marketplace.


Platform Improvement
Web application

It is now possible to select the type of hub you want to create directly from the hub creation page (see Create a hub).

Web application

The Projects page has a new look and contains new sorting options to find recently opened projects faster.

By default, projects are sorted by Recent. If you open multiple projects in the same day, your recent projects will displayed in alphanumeric order.

Display options have also been added to improve project loading performance (see Project Management Overview).

If you have a suggestion for improvement or a new feature you think everyone would benefit from, you can submit it here.

Bug fixes

Platform Bug fix
Web application

Fixed a bug that caused the sheet view to not display when clicking View in model.

Newforma Konekt for Revit

Fixed a bug between Newforma Konekt for Revit and Dynamo for Revit that prevented some nodes from being displayed in Dynamo.

Solibri integration

Fixed a bug that prevented Newforma Konekt and Solibri element isolation from working properly.

Discover the new Verifi3D and Newforma Konekt integration on our website. To learn how it works, see Verifi3D Integration with Newforma Konekt.