Create a Hub

2 minutes
8 months ago

Before you can use the Newforma Konekt platform, you need to create or join a hub. A hub is a central environment that allows your organization to manage projects and collaborate more effectively. Please note that only users with a professional email address can create hubs.

As a hub owner, you can add users to your hub, set hub roles, and assign users to different projects, all in the Hub Settings page.

To create a hub, follow these steps.

  1. Log in to Newforma Konekt.
  2. On the hub library page, click Add new hub. If you are already in the application, in the top-right corner, you can click on your name and select Add new hub.
  3. On the hub creation page, enter a name for your hub, for example, your organization name.
    Once you have created your hub, it will not be possible to update its name.
  4. Select the region in which your projects will be located. To learn more, see Data Locations.
    • Canada East
    • US East
    • Europe
  5. Click Create hub.
  6. Once the hub has been created, in the Hub Settings page, verify that the procedure worked with the region name included under the hub name.

It is not currently possible to move an existing hub or project to another region.

After creating your hub, you can add a logo (see Add/Change the Hub Logo).

If for any reason you want to delete your hub, refer to Deleting a Hub.

Next step

Invite users to join your hub and assign each one a role (see Add/Remove Users in a Hub or Import/Export a User List). Then, you can create as many projects as needed (see Create a Project).