November 7, 2022 Release (v1.92)

2 minutes
12 months ago

This release adds several new features, including the option to mark a project as completed. To download version 1.92 of the Newforma Konekt add-ins, go to the App Marketplace.

New features

Platform New features
Web application

Project creators and admins can mark their projects as completed to remove them from the list of active projects. For more information, see Complete a Project.

Mobile app

You now have the ability to work offline, access the project dashboard, use speech-to-text, and save an issue as a draft. For an overview of the mobile app’s features, see Newforma Konekt Mobile: Features Overview.

To download the latest version of the mobile app, go to the App Store or the Google Play Store.

If you have a suggestion for improvement or a new feature you think everyone would benefit from, you can submit it through our Ideas portal.

Bug fix

Platform Bug fix
Web application

Fixed a bug preventing the multi-edit from applying changes to multiple issues in certain conditions.

Newforma Konekt for Revit

Fixed a bug with the Localize issue button causing Revit to crash in a specific context

Discover the new Vectorworks and Newforma Konekt integration on our website. To learn how it works, see Vectorworks Integration with Newforma Konekt.