January 11, 2021 Release

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11 months ago

This release allows hub creators to select the region of the servers on which their projects will be hosted.


Platform Improvement
Web application

When creating a new hub, users can select the region of the servers on which their data will be hosted. This allows you to comply with any data sovereignty policy in place in your organization. Existing permanent hubs remain hosted in their current region. Demo hubs can only be hosted in Canada.

API We have a new and simplified onboarding for integration partners to provide third-party authentication mechanisms faster.

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Bug fixes

Platform Bug fix
All Fixed bugs related to reCAPTCHA for Chinese users.
Web application Fixed a bug that prevented new users from exporting users from the Hub Settings page when using Chrome.
Add-ins Fixed a bug with content still displayed in the issue description even though all options were unselected.
Revit add-in Fixed a bug where Revit 2020.2 did not show the Newforma Konekt add-in.