December 11, 2023 Release

2 minutes
7 months ago

This release adds measure tools to the NextGen Viewer and the ability to forward and reply to project email messages from Microsoft Outlook.

New features

Platform New feature
Web application Measure tools (Coordinate, Laser, and Distance) are now available from the toolbar in the NextGen Viewer.
Web application Project admins can enable the Automatically add project email address in CC option in the project email settings to include the address by default in CC when forwarding or replying to project email messages from Outlook.
Outlook add-in You can forward and reply to email messages that have been filed to a project from the Project Email tab in the Outlook add-in. Filtering and searching also makes it easy to quickly find project email messages. For more information, see Forward and Reply to a Project Email from Outlook.


Platform Improvement
Web application When creating an issue in the viewer, annotations such as measurements taken in the NextGen Viewer are now included in the automatically generated screenshot of the issue.
Web application You can take multiple measurements at the same time in the NextGen Viewer (the previous measurement won’t disappear when you make a new one).
Web application You can measure a distance in the NextGen Viewer without interruptions and having to use Escape after each operation.

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