Submittal Management Overview

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9 months ago

As a part of construction administration, the Submittals page in Newforma Konekt enables project team members to effectively log and track submittals throughout the review process.


Received submittal workflow

The following diagram shows an overview of the received submittal workflow. Not all steps have to be used.


  1. The submittal author send the submittal to the person responsible for logging the submittal on Newforma Konekt.
  2. The submittal manager can log the submittal directly from Newforma Konekt, or from an email using the Newforma Konekt Outlook add-in.
  3. The submittal can be forwarded for review to other project team members.
  4. The reviewer(s) respond to the RFI. The RFI manager can also submit a response on behalf of another person.
  5. When the submittal manager receives the submittal response, he can submit the official response to the submittal author or simply close an submittal without a response.

Submittal features role matrix

The table below provides a comparative list of submittal feature available to each project role.

Submittal feature role matrix
Feature Creator Admin Editor Reader Reviewer
View and review submittals forwarded to you
Download submittal attachments
View all submittals
Export submittal log reports
Log, edit, forward, review, and close submittals
Submit official response
Delete submittals

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