Edit an Issue in Offline Mode

2 minutes
1 year ago

When you are working in offline mode, you can edit an unsynced issue to write comments and add attachments. You can also edit an issue that has been previously downloaded to your mobile device.

To edit an active issue, check our this article.

  1. Open the Newforma Konekt app on you mobile device and then select the desired method to sign in. The application will display in English or French, depending on the system language you set in your device.
  2. Then, select a hub and a project.
  3. Tap the icon_issues_default.svg icon at the bottom of the screen to access the issue list.
  4. From the unsynced issue list, find the issue you want to edit.
    You can use the filter and sort options to find your issue more easily.
  5. Tap the issue to edit it.
  6. To edit an attribute, tap the attribute. When you are done, tap Save.
  7. To write or reply to a comment, tap the Comments tab. You can take or select a picture to attach to the comment and even mention a colleague or team (@mention).
  8. To add an attachment, tap the Attachments tab and then tap Add Attachment. You can take a picture or select a picture or file.

The added items will be synced once you have an Internet connection. Be aware that the changes will be time-stamped at the time of syncing not the time it was created. You can then download the issue to your device for offline viewing (see Sync and Download Issues).

If for any reason you want to delete the issue, slide it to the left and tap the bin icon. You can also archive multiple issues by selecting them and tapping the icon at the bottom of the list.