mh-BIM Integration with Newforma Konekt

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1 month ago

mh-software integration with Newforma Konekt allows you create issues related to the 3D model within the mh-BIM Viewer. With the mh-BCF module, users can create issues linked to their Newforma Konekt projects. Moreover, this integration operates bidirectionally, ensuring that issues created or modified within the Newforma Konekt platform or any other platform within our ecosystem are seamlessly displayed in mh-BCF.

In this article, you’ll learn how to connect to Newforma Konekt.

Things to know

Here are some important points before you get started.

  • You don’t need an additional license for the Viewer and the BCF Tool. These features are included in the free version, BIM-Starter. You can download BIM-Starter here.
  • Available filters include: Title, Status, Assigned to, Created from, Type, Priority, Stage, Labels (disciplines), Creation date, and Due date.
  • Links and Documents are not supported in Newforma Konekt. You cannot add them to a topic in mh-BIM, but you can add attachments to issues in Newforma Konekt.

Glossary of terms

mh-BIM Starter and Viewer are only available in German. Here’s a glossary of terms to help you navigate.

ProjektverwaltungProject management
BauteilBuilding component
RaumGEORaumGEO (graphical building survey)
Bearbeitungsprotokoll (BCF)Processing log (BCF)

Connect to Newforma Konekt

To connect to Newforma Konekt, follow these steps.

  1. Open mh-BIM Starter and open a project.
  2. Open the IFC-Viewer.
  3. While in the IFC-Viewer tab, click the BCF icon in the menu. You can also access mh-BCF by clicking Projekt > Bearbeitungsprotokoll (BCF).
  4. In the mh window that opens, click Could and then click Add account. The mh window can be translated to English.
  5. In the Add account dialog, do the following:
    • Add a name for the cloud connection.
    • Select Newforma Konekt as the Provider.
    • Paste the BCF API URL which you can find in the Integrations page in Newforma Konekt.
    • Select a BCF Version.
  6. When you’re done, click Log with Newforma Konekt. This will open a browser tab where you’ll need to sign in to Newforma Konekt to authorize Newforma Konekt connector for mh-BIM API by mh-software to access Newforma Konekt on your behalf.
  7. Back in the mh window, you’ll see the cloud connection and you’ll have access to your Newforma Konekt hubs and projects. By double-clicking on a project, you’ll see all your issues in the Topic list and you’ll have the ability to create topics.

Technical support

If you require technical support, please contact mh-software support at