BricsCAD BIM Integration with Newforma Konekt

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BricsCAD BIM integration with Newforma Konekt is based on the BCF API, and uses the built-in BCF panel in BricsCAD to pull up issues created in Newforma Konekt. Edit and comment on your Newforma Konekt issues directly from within BricsCAD BIM drawings/models and they will be automatically synced when your team retrieves them in other platforms such as Navisworks, Solibri, etc. for resolution.

This article explains how to use the BCF panel in BricsCAD BIM to connect to Newforma Konekt and add comments, screenshots or edit certain attributes of your Newforma Konekt issues. It contains the following sections:

For more information, refer to the BricsCAD BIM help article.

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Things to know

Here are some important points before you get started.

  • BricsCAD BIM has both BCF import method and direct sync to the Newforma Konekt server. However, there is no way to export a BCF file from BricsCAD so this is a one-way process to find and retrieve the issues created through Newforma Konekt.
  • You can not create issues within BricsCAD BIM. The BCF Panel only allows to access existing Newforma Konekt issues.
  • Attributes that are able to be edited and synchronized back to the Newforma Konekt project are: Status, Priority and Type.
  • The additional attributes available in BricsCAD are: Issue Title, Issue Number, Author, Created date, Due date, and Last modified date.
  • An overview of the main features can be found here.

Connect to Newforma Konekt

To connect to the Newforma Konekt BCF server from within BricsCAD BIM, follow these steps.

  1. In BricsCAD BIM, open the desired drawing/model and then open the BCF panel by clicking the board pin icon on the left of your screen or by right-clicking an empty space in the ribbon and under Panels, enabling the BIM BCF panel.
  2. In the BCF panel, click Connect with a service.
    You can also click import a BCF file if you prefer to work offline. This requires you to manually export your issues from Newforma Konekt as a BCF file. When importing the BCF file into BricsCAD BIM, you will see the path of the file, a search bar that can be used to filter on issues and the list of issues.
  3. In the window that appears, enter a Source URL.
    The exact Source URL to use for a project can be found in the Newforma Konekt web platform Integrations page.
  4. Click Log in. This will open a new browser tab to authenticate Newforma Konekt.
  5. In the BCF Panel, the source URL is displayed, along with the list of projects that are available to you.
  6. Select the desired project.

The hamburger menu at the top also gives you the ability to refresh the panel and clear the sources.

  • Refresh will make sure you see the latest updates in case you are working on the cloud.
  • Clear sources will disconnect you with the Newforma Konekt server in case you are online, or close the BCF file in case you are working on an imported BCF file.

Open/edit an issue

After selecting a project, you will see the project name, a search bar and the list of issues. To open/edit an issue, proceed as follows.

  1. Find and select the issue you want to open or edit.
    You can filter issues on assignee and status, if needed.
  2. Make the desired changes to the Status, Priority or Type attributes.
  3. You can also add a PNG file from model space. You can add some textual comments as well.

For an example of a coordination workflow, watch this video.

Technical support

If you require technical support, please contact BricsCAD support here.