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The Newforma Konekt BCF API allows BIM softwares to communicate issues and comments to Newforma Konekt via BCF rather than exchanging file-based BCF topics (see Import/Export BCF Files).

This can be done by connecting softwares to Newforma Konekt BCF server (see BCF Server).

By definition, any BCF API implementation is project-based and there is no concept of hubs in the specification. On the other hand, Newforma Konekt projects are always stored within a hub, in a specific region. This requires anyone who wants to call the BCF API to know in advance which region to target. Users can access the exact URL to use for a project from the Newforma Konekt web platform Integrations page.

Solibri and Vrex integrations were developed using the BCF REST API. However, most integrations with the Newforma Konekt platform use the Newforma Konekt REST API (see Newforma Konekt REST API).

API reference documentation is available through Swagger UI (see Newforma Konekt API – BCF API).