Newforma Konekt REST API

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11 months ago

Version 3 of our REST API is now available. It is important you migrate to this version as soon as possible, especially if you have a hub in the US region and your organization has data sovereignty requirements. Continued support will be provided to those using v2 until the end of 2020.

The Newforma Konekt REST API allows developers to find, create or edit Newforma Konekt data. It gives access to all major functions provided in the web interface. The two main use cases are extracting information and connecting Power BI, but the possibilities are endless.

Our own add-ins use the Newforma Konekt API, meaning everything it is fully tested. Several integrations such as Cintoo also use it to synchronize issues.


We have our Newforma Konekt production API connected with regular services and the sandbox connected with the beta services. Please note that the beta service is not the regular BIMTrackapp services and is used to get early access to feature and API version access.


Beta sandbox

In v2 a typical resource was identified with a url similar to /v2/hubs/1234/projects/9876, while in v3 the same resource url will be /v3/hubs/zAY4HPj0/projects/9876.


  • To use the Newforma Konekt REST API, you need a Newforma Konekt account. You can create a free account or, if you have been invited to collaborate on a project, activate your account from the activation email you have received. If you want to integrate with Newforma Konekt through the REST API, once your account is created, please fill out the form on our API page and the team will be in touch as soon as possible.
  • An access token is also required. The Newforma Konekt REST API supports authentication using an OAuth2 token and using an API access token. If you are building an integration, we recommend using OAuth2. Contact us to get your client ID and secret ID. These values will only be generated once.
    Be careful not to expose your client ID and secret ID and communicate them only to legitimate stakeholders through secured channels.


How do I change the viewpoint image of an issue?

Watch this video: Issue viewpoints interaction

Why am I hitting a lot of “quota-exceeded” responses?

This happens when you make more than 10 requests per second to the API. It happens most of the time when you get the data periodically.

This is a supported workflow, but we suggest you do not get the data from all the issues in all the projects in your hub since this leads to the throttling errors you are getting. Depending on how you handle these errors, this can lead to an incomplete data set.

One different approach to getting the data is to get only the issues that were created/updated since the last modified date. In order to achieve this, you could sort the data by Last Modification Date (descending order), and then stop retrieving the issues once the “last modification date” is less than the last time the query ran.

This method is much more efficient since you would be getting only a subset of the data, which in turn can be updated in your own data storage.


If you require technical support, please contact us directly through the in-app or web chat. We also have a private community that serves as a forum for integration partners.