Connect Newforma Konekt with Solibri BCF Live Connector (v9.12.0)

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1 year ago

If you are using an old version of Solibri, see Connect Newforma Konekt with Solibri. To upgrade to the new Solibri version, follow the Steps to update Solibri.

The BCF Live Connector is a simplified way to set up a direct link to a Newforma Konekt project, where the attribute options and issue settings are controlled by the Newforma Konekt server. The Newforma Konekt server is pinged each 5 seconds and updates information in a bi-directional synchronization. 

With the installation of the BCF Live Connector, an additional view was created with 2 new panels.

Things to know

  • The full feature set of the BCF Live Connector is available in Solibri Office and Site v9.12.0 onward. Solibri Anywhere users can view, comment and edit BCF Live issues.
  • Each BCF Live session is connected to one single project at a time. It is possible, however, to end a session and connect to a different server or project in the same Solibri instance.
  • The project used last is remembered (indicated in bold text), however, after turning the BCF Live connection on, it must be selected in order to begin synchronization.
  • BCF Live Connector synchronizes issues constantly, at a 5 second interval.

Configure settings options

  1. In the File menu, select Settings and click BCF Live Connector….
  2. In the BCF Live Connector window, the following options are available:
  • Use automatic synchronization – If you deselect this option, any change made to issues will need to be approved manually.
  • Add viewpoint upon new issue creation
  • Click OK.
  • Connect to a project

    1. In the BCF Live Connector page, turn on the BCF Live View.
    2. In the Select Project dialog, add the Newforma Konekt server by using the + icon to validate user credentials to the Newforma Konekt server.
    3. In the Add/Edit Server dialog, find and select Newforma Konekt in the server dropdown. This will update the server name and URL fields. Solibri offers the user to name the server so that a custom label can be used when selecting the server.
    4. In the URL field, change the server address. You can access the exact URL to use for a project from the Newforma Konekt web platform Integrations page.
    5. After authenticating and selecting a project, you can use the Filter button to filter issues prior to loading the project. Because the issues load in groups of 5 at a time, it can take a long time to load all the issues of a large project. By allowing the user to filter prior to synchronizing the first time, this lets the user only load certain criteria of issues right off the start. 
    6. Click Start Synchronization. Your issues will be synchronized within the 5 next seconds.

    The BCF Live View shows the list of issues in either viewpoint or list form. The columns can be removed or resized but there is no way to save these settings.

    You can also import selected or marked issues from existing Solibri presentations (see Importing Issues from Solibri). Once imported, these issues can be identified by the presentation icon.

    To edit an issue, select the issue you want to edit and make the desired changes in the Live Issue Details View. Issue attributes that are populated based on the server attributes and values based on the BCF standard.

    Your changes will be automatically saved and pushed to the server.