Copy Issue URL – NextGen Viewer (Beta)

2 minutes
2 years ago

You can copy an issue URL to easily share it with your teammates.

  1. In the Issues tab, find the issue you want to share. You can use the filter and sort function to find your issue more easily.
  2. Hover over the issue and click the … (More options) icon > Copy issue URL. If you open the issue’s details (More options > View details), you can also click the … (More options) icon > Copy issue URL from the top right corner of the Details panel.
    Changing the viewpoint shown in the thumbnail and clicking on Copy issue URL will copy another URL pointing to that other viewpoint.

A URL of the viewpoint will be copied to your clipboard. Pasting this URL into another browser tab will open the viewer with the right model, viewpoint and issue selected.

The issue list can automatically be filtered to only show the issue selected. To do so, simply set the parameter found at the end of the URL to true.

Example: https://<your_hub_name>…filterIssuesList=true

This will add a read only field in the filter menu of the issue list with the issue ID in it. You can remove the filter by clicking Clear all in the filter modal or the “x” beside the Filters button.