Filter and Sort Issues – NextGen Viewer (Beta)

1 minute
2 years ago

You can filter and sort the issue list to see the issues that are most important to you without having to manually scroll through the list.

Filter issues

  1. From the Issues tab in the main panel, click the Filter icon.
  2. In the Filters dialog, fill out the desired fields or select a quick filter. To clear all filters, click Clear all.
  3. Click Apply to apply filters or Cancel to close the dialog.

To completely remove filters, click the x next to the Filter icon.

Sort issues

  1. In the Issues tab, click the Sort icon to open the Sorting dialog. There are a range of options to sort your issues by.
  2. Select a sort option and direction. You can also click Default to sort issues by Number in descending order.
  3. Click Apply or Cancel to close the dialog.