Newforma Konekt NextGen Viewer Overview (Beta)

3 minutes
7 months ago

The NextGen Viewer is currently available in beta. We invite all users to provide feedback about the new experience via the Ideas portal.

Newforma Konekt NextGen Viewer allows you to display and navigate IFC models and PDF sheets, as well as create and manage issues in Newforma Konekt. You can also overlay sheets on models for maximum issue context.

This article provides an overview of the interface and features of Newforma Konekt NextGen Viewer.

Interface overview

You can access the Newforma Konekt NextGen Viewer from the Project menu by clicking Viewer.


The interface is divided into four parts:

  1. Main panel – A panel on the left side of the interface, with tabs that allow you to perform a wide range of actions on models, sheets and issues.
  2. Viewing area – The largest part of the interface, which displays all selected files.
  3. Right-side panel – A panel on the right side of the interface, which allows you to view element properties and view/edit issue details.
  4. Toolbar – A dynamic toolbar at the top of the interface, where you can find navigation and sectioning tools. The tools available in the toolbar vary depending on whether you are viewing 3D or 2D files.

Feature comparison

The following table summarizes the differences between Newforma Konekt Legacy and NextGen Viewer.

Some of the features of the legacy viewer are not yet available in the new viewer. However, you can benefit from new features and many improvements in terms of speed and performance.

Features Legacy Viewer NextGen Viewer
Import models
Manage model disciplines  
Display models
Search models
View element properties
Import sheets
Display sheets
Search sheets
Manage file sets   New
Filter sheets by file set   New
Navigate between different sheet views
Navigate to the previous/next sheet   New
Manage revisions  
Add folders  
Overlay sheets on models
Create an issue
Show/Hide pinpoints and cameras
View in model
Edit an issue
Manage viewpoints
Add comments
Add attachments ✔ (while editing only)
Restore view state
Copy issue URL   New
Isolate elements
Filter issues
Filter issue on a sheet  
Sort issues   New
Archive issues  
Navigate by spaces  
Manage IFC categories  
Create saved views  
Navigation tools
Sectioning tools
Measure tool ✔ (Distance, Laser and Coord.)
Options ✔ (Force clipping box around related elements)

Technical support

If you encounter any technical problems while using Newforma Konekt NextGen Viewer, please feel free to contact our support team.