Best Practices for Saving View States

3 minutes
10 months ago

View states within Navisworks, Revit, and the Web Viewer vary slightly so knowing how to properly create an issue determines the way it looks when it’s retrieved.

In this article, you’ll learn how to create, edit and retrieve issues with a saved view state.

If you’re a visual learner, you can watch our View States Explained webinar to learn the best flow possible.

Key terms

Term Description
View state Allows you to recover the context of the issue that was used to publish it.
Viewpoint A snapshot taken of the issue.
Related elements

An issue has related elements if objects were selected before the issue is created or before a viewpoint is updated or added to an existing issue. Keep in mind, an issue can have multiple viewpoints with different or no related elements. All issues published to Newforma Konekt using the Clashes to Issues command automatically contain related elements, so no manual selection is needed.

Clash pinpoint A clash pinpoint is generated automatically when using the Clashes to Issues command in the Navisworks environment. A Clash pinpoint can manually be placed with the Localize Issue command. When adding a viewpoint to an existing issue the Add a Location option also adds a clash pinpoint.
View pinpoint Whenever an issue is sent to Newforma Konekt, regardless of the platform involved, the camera location is recorded as a view pinpoint.

Creating/updating issues with a saved view state

Save view state with viewpoint

Determines whether hidden elements and section boxes/clipping planes are kept when creating or updating a viewpoint. Applies to the Localize/Create/Views to issue commands when creating new issues  and the Add/Update viewpoint command when adding/updating viewpoints of existing issues.

Save view state from clashes

Determines if hidden elements and section boxes/clipping planes are kept when using the Clashes to Issues command. Before publishing to Newforma Konekt, take a quick look at your saved viewpoints in the clash detective, what is seen there is what is carried over to Newforma Konekt. 

Do not enable the Animate Transitions option or the Auto Reveal function in the clash detective. You have to manually select and hide elements to be able to save the view state to Newforma Konekt.

Retrieving issues with a saved view state

Elements visibility

  • Do nothing – Will do nothing in terms of elements visibility as the name implies. 
  • Show/Hide saved elements – Will retrieve the saved view state. For hidden elements, we locate elements based on element ID. That element needs to be in the live file (not linked files) when retrieving that issue in order for Newforma Konekt to locate it and subsequently hide it
  • Isolate elements – Will isolate the issue’s related elements.

Section box/plane

Force section box around related elements – With this option enabled, a section box will be placed around the full extents of the related elements that are live within your model (not linked).  

If you do not have related elements in your issues you may find this article helpful: Retrieving Newforma Konekt Perspective View Issues in Revit.