Newforma Konekt Tutorial: Archiving a Project

4 minutes
1 year ago

Once you have finish a Newforma Konekt project following proper archiving procedure is essential to backing up your data.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to export your issues to a variety of file formats, how to make space in your hub, and how to properly bring a project back should the need ever arise.

If you’re a visual learner, you can watch our webinar Archiving your Completed Newforma Konekt Project.

Step 1 – Create a folder to store your data

Create a folder on your desktop or elsewhere on your computer to store your data.

Step 2 – Make sure all issues have been resolved and closed

Make sure all issues have been resolved and closed. There are two ways you can do this:

  • On the Dashboard page – Due issues shows you your active project issues (all except closed issues). Simply click the Project issues donut chart. You’ll be redirected to the Issues page where you can see all your active issues.
  • On the Issues page – You can also head directly to the Issues page and filter by status to see all of your active issues. Once resolved, use the multi edit feature to change status to closed.

Step 3 – Restore all archived issues

If you have archived any issues, they are not going to be displayed on the Issues page. You can find them on the Archived issues page. If you want to include those issues in your export, you need to unarchived them so they show up on the issues page. To do so, use filters and set status for archived issues being restored to closed. For more information, see Restore Archived Issues).

Step 4 – Create a PDF report of all your issues

Exporting issues as PDF exports all single issues, displays all of your metrics, issues properties, comments, and the main viewpoint. It include everything except closing date, attachments, and history.

To create a report, on the issues page, click the gear icon, then select Print report.

Step 5 – Export issues as BCF and Excel

Go to the issues page. You can only export issues out of the issues page. 

  1. Display all issues using the filters.

  2. Select all issues (gear icon > Select all).

  3. Export issues (gear > Export).
    • Export as BCF file (version 2.0 sent via email) – Once the export is completed, you are going to get an email indicating your BCF file is ready for download. Download the file using the link provided.

    • Export as excel file – The file will appear directly in your downloads folder.

Newforma Konekt issue attributes BCF Excel
Issue number ♻ Restarts numbering
Issue title
Viewpoints ✔ All viewpoints  

♻ Default zone

✘ If <no assigned default>


♻ Default phase

✘ If <no assigned default>

Assigned to

Due date


Issue group


Team assigned

Issue visibility



Custom attributes

♻ Default

✘ If no assigned default


♻ Issue importer

Creation date

Last changed date

♻ Import date

Last changed by

♻ Issue importer

Closing date






✔ contains the correct information; ♻ contains updated information.

Step 6 – Download all sheets and models from the Web Viewer

If needed, download models and sheets from the web viewer and save them in folder created in step 1.

Step 7 – Create an Excel file of all your users

Get a record of every users that were in the project. Head to the hub settings page, use the projects column to filter for the users on your completed project. Then, select them all with your mouse, right click and print. This is a workaround since the export feature does not respect filters.

Step 8 – Remove users from the hub

Users can be easily removed from the hub and projects by clicking the basket icon at the right of each row in the user grid.

Step 9 – Create a project template

You can export a project’s settings for use on new projects by creating a project template (see Create a Project Template). All issue attributes, including custom options, will be saved.

Step 10 – Complete or delete your project

To complete or delete a project you will need to be on the Projects page. From the gear icon in the bottom right corner of the project you want to complete or delete, click the gear icon, click Complete or Delete, and follow the on-screen directions.

You now know how to properly archive your Newforma Konekt projects.