Team Restricted Status

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11 months ago

In the Restricted to (formerly Confidentiality) column we can place and grant just those specific teams’ access to that status. For example, we could give just the “Project Coordinator Team” access to the ‘Closed’ status. Only the members of that team will see the closed attribute in the list of selectable options. By doing this it is forcing all other users to switch open issues to a status such as ‘Resolved’. Then a user from the project coordinator team can switch the status to closed.

Keep in mind that users in the project can be on multiple teams. This may give users you don’t want access to certain statuses that ability.

When working in Navisworks with the Clash Detective and Clashes to issue command, there is a specific portion of Newforma Konekt that requires the user to have access to the Closed status. This allows for automatic closing of issues.


To control who can close a status

Defining user roles might not be enough to fine tune who can change the status of issues. Configuring the attributes allows for further customization of access rights.

  1. In the Project Settings page, under Attributes, select the Status tab.

  2. Under Restricted to, you decide which teams can control a status. In this example, the MEP Team will be the only one able the close a status:


  3. If applicable, you can configure the other status access rights including for a custom status.