Using AutoCAD Civil 3D with Newforma Konekt

3 minutes
11 months ago

Newforma Konekt’s add-in for AutoCAD Civil 3D allows you to create issues on the fly during design review and/or coordination meetings, access issues in Newforma Konekt’s web platform, and resolve issues directly in your everyday software.

Get started with Newforma Konekt for AutoCAD Civil 3D by downloading the add-in from the Integrations page of Newforma Konekt’s website or web platform.

This article gives a general overview of the AutoCAD Civil 3D issue creation process.

Things to know

Here are some important points before you get started.

Issue creation overview

The issue creation process is the same as in other platforms like Revit or Navisworks, with the Newforma Konekt issues dialog box included directly in your Autodesk platform.

  1. In Civil 3D, open the desired model.
  2. In the ribbon, click Newforma Konekt tab > Open Newforma Konekt.
  3. In the Newforma Konekt panel, click Sign In, then from the browser tab that opens, enter your credentials and click Sign In.
  4. Back in Civil 3D, select a hub and a project.
  5. While driving through the model, navigate to the location of the issue.
  6. From the drop-down list on the right, click Create issue.
  7. Once the snapshot is created, in the New Issue from Active View window, enter a title and fill out any other relevant fields.
  8. Optionally, you can edit the viewpoint using the image editor to draw shapes, add text and more.
  9. When you are satisfied with your issue, click Publish. Your issue will appear at the top of the issue list.
  10. Now you can access your issues from any other Autodesk platform. By clicking on View in model you will be direct to the exact same location of the issue. 

Issues are continually synced with the Newforma Konekt cloud to ensure you have the latest version in your 2D documents and 3D models.