Clash Status Synchronization

2 minutes
11 months ago

There are two different options to synchronize a clash status between Navisworks and Newforma Konekt. Sync Clashes Status to import the status from Newforma Konekt to Navisworks and Clashes to Issues to export Navisworks status to Newforma Konekt.

Sync Clashes Status

Newforma Konekt   Navisworks
Open (or Default Status) –> Reviewed
Closed –> Approved


Once all the clashes are sent to Newforma Konekt, it is possible to update the status of the clashes between the two platforms with one click on the Sync Clashes Status button. Once clicked, Navisworks will import the status from Newforma Konekt.

Clashes to Issues

Navisworks   Newforma Konekt
New – Active – Reviewed –> Open
Approved – Resolved –> Closed


When the tests are run for a second time, clash statuses are automatically updated in the Navisworks clash detective window. Newforma Konekt allows for the possibility to update those statuses according to the Newforma Konekt project issues status. When the clash status has changed in Navisworks, simply click the Clashes to Issues button in the ribbon. This feature eliminates the need to review the status of each clash published to Newforma Konekt. To use this feature, the clashes need to be published first to Newforma Konekt using the Clashes to Issue feature.