Filter Issues Based on Clipping in Navisworks

1 minute
11 months ago

In Navisworks, you can filter the issue list based on clipping to review issues by each level, or a chosen section of the model on the fly.

  1. In Navisworks, open the desired model.
  2. In the ribbon, click Newforma Konekt tab > Open Newforma Konekt.
  3. In the Newforma Konekt pallet, click Sign In, then from the browser tab that opens, enter your credentials and click Sign In.
  4. Back in Navisworks, select a hub and a project.
  5. Define the settings for the View in model feature (see Define Newforma Konekt Settings for Navisworks).
    It is recommended to enable Show / Hide saved elements and Force section box around related elements.
  6. In the ribbon, under the Newforma Konekt tab, display spheres, and then enable Filter issues list based on clipping.
  7. You can then enable Keep current clipping when using “View in model” to keep the existing clipping plane/box context you previously had applied to your model.