Best Practices for Publishing Files From Revit to Newforma Konekt

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11 months ago

When you have a Newforma Konekt account, you can publish Revit models and sheets to the viewer to easily share information between stakeholders.

In this article, you’ll learn best practices for publishing files from Revit to Newforma Konekt.

Publish models and sheets separately

Publish models and sheets independently and at different times to speed up publishing. For example, you can schedule each model to be published first, then each sheet to create independent automated tasks. You can also do this to speed up the publication of models hosted on BIM 360.

This is especially important when publishing from the same computer.

Provide a dedicated view for each discipline

For complex models, a best practice is to have a dedicated 3D view for each discipline. Afterwards, it is possible to choose the time of publication of each model. This saves time and facilitates the management of views in the Newforma Konekt viewer to display, hide and apply colors to the models.

If possible, choose a low or medium detail level for the view and family and avoid exporting to the viewer elements modeled in Revit using the Platines tool so as not to affect the reading of coordinates in the viewer.

Create publish schedule for your files

When scheduling the publication of files, we recommend that you do so outside of working hours to avoid network outages during publication. It is possible to publish models during working hours too. In this case, it is important not to intervene in the process of these publications, and, again, to segment the publications (3D view and separate 2D sheets). If publishing multiple model from the same machine, it is recommended to stagger/schedule at different intervals.

Download software updates

It is important to keep all software in your tech stack up to date, including Newforma Konekt. As much as possible, it is advised to stay in the same Revit environment in the same project, use the same version and language software.

Close all open windows

Make sure that no startup messages block access to the file. These are usually additional modules. Revit messages, such as which subprojects or links to load, are usually answered automatically.