Setting up Tekla Structures Shared Coordinates

1 minute
11 months ago

To properly integrate Tekla Structures models, origin must be properly set up. Implementing the procedure properly means that the structural models will be seen correctly in Newforma Konekt and Navisworks & accurate comparisons can be made between the design models.

Step by step procedure:

  1. In Tekla Structures, open the general menu.
  2. Open the ‘Project Properties’.
  3. Click on “Base points”
  4. Name the site.
  5. Insert the coordinates.
  6. At the bottom-right, click on ‘Pick’.
  7. Select an intersection.
  8. Set the angle to North.


*Pay attention to coordinates units when filling the information as it may differ from one software to another. 

Exporting IFCs with Tekla Structures

When we export using IFCs, it is possible to export based on the shared coordinate system above that is compatible with the design models. The exported IFC models can then be imported into Navisworks and / or Newforma Konekt.

Note: The file will not be properly positioned if it is imported into Revit, as Revit uses an origin-to-origin system.