July 25, 2022 Release (v1.87)

1 minute
1 year ago

This release includes a number of bug fixes. To download version 1.87 of the Newforma Konekt add-ins, go to the App Marketplace.

Bug fixes

Platform Bug fix
Web application

Fixed a bug that prevented users from clicking the Add new demo hub button when they were in different screens in a demo hub that they did not own.

Web application

Fixed a bug in the Reports page that caused metrics to be enabled but selectable when the All option was enabled and then disabled.

Web application

Fixed a bug where the project image size error message was only displayed once when trying to add a large image multiple times.

Newforma Konekt for Navisworks

Fixed a bug where section boxes were not applied when using the View in model option with version 1.86 of the add-in in Navisworks 2022 and 2023.

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