March 29, 2021 Release

3 minutes
3 years ago

This release introduces a new way to control who can view issues, and adds the option to restrict issue visibility only to the author, the assignee, the members of a team involved and the notified users. To see how the confidentiality function has been modified into the restricted issue workflow, watch this video.

New feature

Platform New feature

The Confidentiality field has been renamed Team involved and adding teams to this field no longer restrict the visibility of issues. The field can now be used to identify the team(s) involved in an issue, allowing you to assign teams to it (see Issue Attributes).


Platform Improvement

The visibility of issues can be restricted. Issue visibility can be set in creation, single edition, and multiple edition mode, both from the web platform and from the latest version of the add-ins (see Restricting Issue Visibility).

It is important to download and install the latest version of our add-ins, otherwise you will not be able to restrict the visibility of issues.

Web application

In the Project Settings, project admins can now rename the Notify and Team involved attributes by selecting a new name from the list of predefined names (see Renaming Issue Attributes).

Please note that the renaming of attributes will be reflected on all platforms, except in add-ins versions prior to v1.58.

Web application

To reduce the number of emails sent to users, the default notification settings in the My Profile page have been changed to Daily instead of Immediately for the following events: When an issue is updated, When I am added to or removed from an issue notification list, When an attachment is added to an issue, and When a comment is added to an issue.

Navisworks add-in

The Publish beta feature is available for all Navisworks versions from 2019 to 2021 and now each model is published independently so that if one model crashes all the others will be published (see Publish a Model to the Viewer from Navisworks – Private BETA (invite only).

If you have a suggestion for improvement or a new feature you think everyone would benefit from, you can submit it here.

Bug fixes

Platform Bug fix
Web application

Fixed a bug that allowed BCF export of archived issues and caused an error message to appear.

Web application

Fixed a bug that allowed to select Open in viewer for archived issues.

Web application

Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the IFC structure (tree) in the viewer to disappear and/or blocked scrolling.

Web application

Fixed a bug where Safari would not render images and style from the reports.

Revit add-in

Fixed a bug that caused an error message to appear when using the View in model command for an issue in orthographic view created with Views to Issues.