February 15, 2021 Release

1 minute
11 months ago

This release introduces a number of improvements and bug fixes.


Platform Improvement
Web application The Country field is now mandatory when a user initially fills his Newforma Konekt profile.
Revit add-in An update is available for the Newforma Konekt PDF printer when using the latest version of the add-in. This fixes the bug where the printer freezes Revit when the paper format is changed. The previous version must be uninstalled manually before downloading the update (see Download the PDF Printer Update for Newforma Konekt for Revit v1.63).

If you have a suggestion for improvement or a new feature you think everyone would benefit from, you can submit it here.

Bug fixes

Platform Bug fix
Web application Fixed a bug where users would get an error when printing a report based on a quick filter.
Web application Fixed a bug where the columns of the automated task were misaligned after being resized.
Revit add-in Fixed a bug that caused an error when trying to connect to Newforma Konekt after opening a model in Revit through drag and drop onto the software’s shortcut.

New articles have been added to the Help Center, including several troubleshooting articles and a georeferencing guide.