Access Rights Management

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10 months ago

On the web portal, there’s 2 levels of access permission that can be managed. There are hub permissions and project permissions. They are both managed independently via either the ‘Hub Settings’ page or the ‘Team and Users’ management page when a project is selected. See below for what kind of access are granted with each level of rights.

For more information, refer to Hub Roles and Project Roles.

Hub access right matrix
Feature Owner Admin Guest
Delete hub    
Add/remove users  
Create/delete projects  
Access subscription page  
Generate API access token    
Project access rights matrix
Feature Creator Admin Editor Reader Reviewer
Manage project settings      
Add/delete project teams      
Add/remove users      
Archive and delete issues      
View issues  
Create, edit and merge issues    
View RFIs and submittals ✔ (assigned to them)
Access the file manager  
Delete IFC files from the viewer      
Add models/sheets to the viewer    
Download models/sheets to the viewer  
Access project dashboard, metrics and reports