Accessing Newforma Konekt Academy

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1 year ago

By following the steps in this article you will automatically enroll in Newforma Konekt Academy. You’ll be directed to the courses catalog and be able to find the best courses to suit your needs. Upon successful completion of each course you will be awarded a certificate.

Finding your way to the Academy

Once logged into your Newforma Konekt account, follow these easy steps to find and access the Academy:

  1. Click the lightbulb icon in the header and select Academy.
  2. From the Academy homepage click the red LOGIN button.
  3. From the Newforma Konekt login page, It is recommended to continue with the Microsoft SSO option but you can also enter your Newforma Konekt credentials. Proceed as you prefer.
  4. You’ll now find yourself in the Newforma Konekt Academy, ready to select your courses!

Selecting the courses you need from the Course Catalog

You won’t see any courses yet so click the Get your first course button or head to the COURSE CATALOG.


Course Selection

In the top right corner of the COURSE CATALOG page you’ll see 6 categories. You can use them to filter for the following courses. They are:

  • Getting Started
    • Getting Started with Newforma Konekt

You’ll be interested in this course if you’ve been invited to participate with Newforma Konekt on your project.

  • Project & Hub Management (Admin Only)
    • Launching Newforma Konekt Projects & Maintaining your Hub
    • For Hub & Project Admins: Email Activity Center Settings

Follow along as we walk through the process of creating Newforma Konekt projects, inviting project team members, and maintaining your Hub.

  • BIM Coordination
    • Working with the Newforma Konekt Revit Add-in
    • Navisworks & Newforma Konekt for Project Coordination

Chances are you’re a trade partner, sub-contractor, engineer, designer, coordinator or modeler. This is a perfect starting point to get yourself comfortable with Newforma Konekt.

  • Issues and Action Items – Web & Mobile Platform
    • Newforma Konekt Cloud Based Issues and Action Items
    • Web Viewer
    • Newforma Konekt Mobile App

Continue your educational journey by completing the courses in this category related to everything the web based platform, model Viewer, and mobile app has to offer.

  • New! Email & File Management
    • Project Email
    • File Manager
  • New! Contract Administration
    • Creating and Tracking RFIs
    • Creating and Tracking Submittals


Upon completion of each course you will receive a certificate that we encourage you to share on your social media platforms!