Search for and Filter Project Emails

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10 months ago

Emails filed to the project can be viewed from the web platform in the email module. By default, emails are listed by the received date.

You have the ability to search for text in the header, body, or attachments of the email. The list of filed emails or search results can additionally be refined by various filters.

Search bar

You can find emails easily by using the search bar. When a search term is specified, any text found in the header (recipients, sender, subject), body, attachment name, or attachment contents will result in a search hit.


Filters can be applied to both the list of recently filed emails and/or search results. When applied, the search results must match both the search criteria and the filtering criteria. If multiple filters are used the resulting set is one that matches all the criterias.

The following table outlines the available filters.

Filter Description
From The sender of the email. A single sender can be selected. The suggested list is from the users on the project team and it supports free-form text.
To/Cc The recipients of the email. When selecting multiple recipients all selected recipients must be included in the email. The suggested list of recipients is filled with users on the project team and matched by their name or email address. Free-form text can also be entered in this field to support cases where the recipient might be outside of the project team. Alternatively, this feature can be used to match all the senders on a particular domain (i.e. “”).
Received date The date the email was received. You can specify the precise dates, or use predefined filters, today, last week, last month etc. to easily specify a range.
Has attachments This will return only emails that include attachments when it is enabled.

To revolve all filters and return to the full email list, click Clear filters.