Supplemental Instructions Overview (Beta)

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1 month ago

Use the Change management page in Newforma Konekt to create, log, review, and track supplemental instructions.

Supplemental instructions (SI) are formal notifications used by architects to issue additional instructions or to order minor changes in the project. They are intended to assist the architects in performing their obligations as interpreters of the contract documents in accordance with the owner-architect agreement and the general conditions.

SI workflow

The following diagram shows an overview of the SI workflow. Not all steps have to be used. 

After the detail design is complete and a contract is awarded for the project, changes may occur that affect the project drawings and specifications. If the document change does not change the contract sum or the contract time, a supplemental instruction is issued.

  1. The architect can create an SI if they originate them, or log a receive SI if it was sent to them.
  2. The SI can then be forwarded for review to other project team members.
  3. The reviewer(s) respond to the SI. The SI author can also submit a response on behalf of another person.
  4. When the review process is complete, the SI can be sent to the contractor or simply closed. If needed, the SI can be reopened.

SI features role matrix

The table below provides a comparative list of features available to each project role. Please note that it is not possible to view SI on a Kanban view.

SI feature role matrix
SI Feature Creator Admin Editor Reader Reviewer
View and review SIs forwarded to you
Download SI attachments
View all SIs  
Export SI log reports    
Create, log, edit, forward, review, and send SIs    
Close, delete, and reopen SIs      

For more information on SIs, see the other articles in this section.