Enscape Integration with Newforma Konekt

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11 months ago

Enscape has built an integration with Newforma Konekt that syncs issues created and edited in Enscape with Newforma Konekt. This integration allows you to communicate design changes and quickly receive feedback from stakeholders. After your team has reviewed everything, you can take issues and comments back into authoring software like Revit, ArchiCAD, and Vectorworks to make the required design changes and resolve issues.

This article offers an overview of how to create issues in Enscape. For more information about this process, refer to the Enscape documentation.

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Things to know

Here are some important points before you get started.

  • You can create and edit issues either in your browser, within Enscape or directly in Revit, SketchUp, ArchiCAD, Vectorworks.
  • The drop down options in the Enscape integration use the same colours and attributes that are linked to the Newforma Konekt project.
  • BCF import/export is disabled when using Newforma Konekt.
  • An overview of the main features can be found here.

Issue creation overview

Below is a general overview of how to create an issue in Enscape. For another reference refer to the Enscape documentation.

  1. In the Enscape renderer, press the [C] key on your keyboard to open the Collaboration tool.
  2. In the Collaboration panel, click the Enscape icon to change the source from local BCF server.
  3. Once in the Collaboration Settings window, change the source for Newforma Konekt and click Log in. You will be prompted with a pop up browser window to log into your Newforma Konekt account.
  4. Once the login is complete, return to the Enscape window.
  5. In the Collaboration Settings, select a project to synchronize with and click Save.
  6. To create an issue, right-click on the desired surface and select Create Issue.
  7. Fill out the required fields and click Save. The synchronization takes place automatically every 5 minutes. It is also possible to proceed manually by clicking the Refresh button in the Collaboration panel.

Issues created from the Newforma Konekt viewer will also be available both in the Enscape issue list and 3D window. Issues created from the Issues page will not have a position and therefore will only appear in the issue list.


Depending on your computer GPU strength, an error ‘Enscape encountered an error during rendering. It is using your GPU from NVIDIA.’ takes place when creating an issue from inside Enscape specifically when rendering the image for the issue. While allowing the maximum render quality, you can disable off RTX Raytracing which activating accelerate ray tracing on Nvidia RTX GPUs. With this disabled you will be able to seamlessly create issues no matter the Visual Settings you applied in Enscape.

Technical support

For technical questions and bug reports, please contact the Enscape support team using the built-in feedback function in Enscape.

For information regarding known issues, new features and bug fixes, please refer to the Enscape release notes.