Merge Issues

2 minutes
11 months ago

When the need arises to merge two or more issues together, we can easily do so on the web platform. This is also the only location where we can merge issues. Make sure you’re logged into your Newforma Konekt account to perform this operation.

Who can and cannot merge issues?

The only type of user who cannot merge an issue is a project reader. All other types of users can merge issues.

How can we merge issues?

Follow these steps on the web platform to merge multiple issues:

  1. Open the Issues dashboard by clicking “Issues” in the PROJECT MENU.
  2. Find and select the issues you want to merge.
    You can use the filter and sort options to find your issues more easily.
  3. Click the Merge.svg (Merge) icon above the list.
  4. In the Merge issues dialog box, select the issue that others will be merge into.
  5. Ten, select the items you want to merge such as the comments, the attachments, the viewpoints, etc.
  6. Click Merge.

Once issues are merged together there is no way of undoing the operation. They will be merged together forever.

Which issues can’t be merged?

Issues created in Navisworks from the Clash to issue command cannot be merged with any other issue. As Newforma Konekt issues status can be synchronized with the Navisworks clash detective results using GUIDs, the merging (grouping) of issues should take place in Navisworks prior to being exported to Newforma Konekt.