Download and Install an Add-in

1 minute
8 months ago

These steps assume you have previously created a Newforma Konekt account.

  1. Before you start, make sure your system meets the recommended requirements.
  2. On our website App Marketplace page, click the software for which you want to install an add-in.
  3. If not already done, exit your software and then click Download Now at the top of the software’s page. If you’ve chosen an Autodesk product, the add-in will get installed in all the other Autodesk softwares.
  4. Click the .msi file and follow the steps given by the installation wizard.
  5. Once the installation is completed, open your software to make sure there is a Newforma Konekt tab in the ribbon. If so, check out our features article to get started with the add-in.

You can choose the display language of the Newforma Konekt panel from the Newforma Konekt web platform (see Change Language).