March 8, 2021 Release

1 minute
11 months ago

This release addresses a number of bug fixes.

Platform Bug fix
Web application The error message that appeared when importing a BCF twice is fixed. To prevent a failed BCF import, memory usage has also been improved.
Web application When adding custom attributes, the alignment of the attributes is fixed.
Web application Fixed a bug where the Previous / Next buttons were not functional after creating an issue.
Web application The bug where the same issue was displayed twice on the issue list is fixed.
Revit add-in The bug that caused Revit to crash when publishing a sheet a second time in a short period of time is fixed.
Procore integration

The issue that occurred when connecting to a hub hosted in a different region than the hub that was accessed first is fixed.

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We have updated our documentation with a new article on Retrieving Newforma Konekt Perspective View Issues in Revit.