What is Newforma Konekt?

1 minute
9 months ago

Newforma Konekt gives AECO project teams all over the world access to their complete project data. It unifies conversations, project files, action items, and contractual workflows into a single cloud-hosted platform, while at the same time providing a history of the project from conception to completion.

Newforma Konekt streamlines communication and increases efficiency in collaboration. It does this by combining:

  • People through Project Management
  • Information through Project Information Management (PIM)
  • Process through Building Information Modeling (BIM) coordination


Our add-ins allow you to assign issues to other experts in just a click. Expert can then fix their assigned issue in their original context.

We also integrated with several construction softwares (connected through our API) so you don’t need to leave your everyday environment to raise or resolve issues. To learn more, see Add-ins and Integration.