Receive a Pending Incoming RFI from Procore

1 minute
5 months ago

When an RFI is assigned to your company’s ball in court user, the item automatically transfers from Procore to Newforma Konekt as a pending incoming item. Once the item has been received in Newforma Konekt, your team can complete their standard workflow.

  1. In Newforma Konekt, open the desired project.
  2. In the main menu, under Project menu, select RFIs.
  3. In the RFIs page, find the pending incoming RFI that need to be received. You can filter by status to see all of your pending RFIs.
  4. Click the RFI to open it and then click the three dots > Receive.
  5. From the dialog box that opens, you can modify the information and add attachments as needed.
  6. When you’re done, click Receive RFI. Once the item has been received, the status changes to Open and your team can complete their standard workflow. When the official response has been provided the item will automatically transfer back to Procore.

If for any reason you want to delete the RFI, click the three dots > Delete.