Edit an RFI

1 minute
11 months ago

You can edit an open or forwarded RFI to update information, view workflow activities, download attachments, and more. To move an RFI through the workflow, see the other articles in this section.

Once the RFI is closed you can no longer make edits.

  1. In Newforma Konekt, open the desired project.
  2. In the main menu, under Project menu, select RFIs.
  3. In the RFIs page, find the RFI you want to edit.
  4. From the dialog box that opens, complete the information as needed.
  5. Click the RFI to edit it.
  6. In the Details tab, edit the RFI’s information as needed.
  7. To view workflow activities, click the Workflows tab.
  8. To download attachments, click the Attachments tab. You can also download attachments from the details tab.
  9. To view RFI history, click the History tab.